One Small Spoon is about sharing.

It’s here we share stories of food and of friendly folk and it’s here we tell tales of our travels.

Its name comes from the spoon as a symbol, as a token of love, a dose of health and a share of plenty.

My husband and I live in Cymru (Wales) and it’s here we find many of our stories, but we take a small spoon of inspiration from every corner of the globe, and we hope you’ll take some from here.

About Me & Food

I’m just another person who likes cooking. My approach to food is influenced by the Lithuanian culture that I grew up with, by my family (my grandma was a chef and taught cooking, so I like to believe that I inherited something from her) and by my life in the UK.

I moved to Edinburgh after I finished university and, coming from Lithuania at the time, I discovered a vast array of new ingredients and recipes. ┬áSince then I’ve become increasingly curious about different ways of cooking and found a new appreciation for my native Baltic and Nordic cuisines.

Through experimenting, I have realised some core values that influence how I cook:

  • I believe that food is profoundly personal
  • I choose food that is gentle to my body.
  • I try to eat healthy but I also try not to overthink it
  • I like minimalist recipes that use a few nourishing ingredients
  • I am inspired by traditional recipes, which I creatively adjust to fit my taste.
  • I appreciate seasonal and locally grown products
  • With all of the above in mind, it’s important that food is tasty and not boring.

I want to share those transient moments of happiness that come from exploring food and when you come to discover something good.

It’s deeply fulfilling for me to cook a nourishing meal with lots of hidden tastes that creep in slowly and overwhelm you with all kinds of gentle and satisfying sensations.