About Me & Food

This blog is supposed to be somewhere I go to when I need a simple recipe to cook a nourishing and tasty meal. This is a place of inspiration for me as much as it hopefully is for you.

If you read through my recipes you will notice words such as ‘simple’ and ‘comforting’ being used a lot. These two words sum up my food philosophy pretty well. The recipes I share on this blog are simple enough for anyone to make, and the ingredients used are common enough to be found in most people’s kitchens. They are also simple in a way that it doesn’t take lots of time and effort to execute them. I’m curious to explore what is the minimum you have to add or do to a vegetable or fruit, to make it taste delicious.

I hope you take time to browse through my blog and read the recipes or food stories. Please feel free to share your impressions, suggestions or questions in the comment section.