About Me & Food

My approach to food is influenced by the Lithuanian culture that I grew up with, by my family and by my life in the UK.

I moved to Edinburgh after I finished university and, coming from Lithuania at the time, I discovered a vast array of new ingredients and recipes. Since then I’ve become increasingly curious about different ways of cooking and found a new appreciation for my native Baltic and Nordic cuisines. I’ve also noticed how home cooking has nearly died out, and when eating out, it is difficult to find food cooked from scratch. This and the newly found knowledge, has inspired me explore what local and seasonal produce is available and share simple recipes on this blog. 

Through cooking, eating, experimenting, and talking to others, I have realised some core values that influence how I cook and eat:

  • I believe that food is profoundly personal
  • I choose food that is gentle to my body.
  • I try to eat healthy but I also try not to overthink it
  • I like minimalist recipes that use a few nourishing ingredients
  • I am inspired by traditional recipes, which I creatively adjust to fit my taste.
  • I appreciate seasonal and locally grown products
  • With all of the above in mind, it’s important that food is tasty and not boring.

This blog is supposed to be somewhere I go to when I need a simple recipe to cook a nourishing and tasty meal. This is a place of inspiration for me as much as it hopefully is for you.

If you read through my recipes you will notice words such as ‘simple’ and ‘comforting’ being used a lot. These two words sum up my food philosophy pretty well. The recipes I share on this blog are simple enough for anyone to make, and the ingredients used are common enough to be found in most people’s kitchens. They are also simple in a way that it doesn’t take lots of time and effort to execute them. I’m curious to explore what is the minimum you have to add or do to a vegetable or fruit, to make it taste delicious.

I hope you take time to browse through my blog and read the recipes or food stories. Please feel free to share your impressions, suggestions or questions in the comment section.