Food Stories

Putting the soul back in the kitchen

It’s only a couple of weeks since meeting Eira and I now find myself in the kitchen of another of Cardiff’s food visionaries.  Geraldine’s vision is to “put the soul back in the kitchen”.  She wants to save kitchens from becoming a place to warm up […]

Inner City Eira

I could listen to Eira talk for hours. I would be constantly nodding in agreement to all that she says. And in relief too, knowing that there are people walking this earth who totally get what food is about.  It’s about making it at home […]

Perfect Monday

While running my eyes around Cat’s and George’s house it felt like my perfect home- a big old wooden table, a bright kitchen overlooking a rustic garden with herbs and tall trees behind it. Little details everywhere made me feel so happy inside knowing that […]

Something foraged, something grown

Jo has a very special garden (special to me), in that there are lots of things you can eat from it which as far as I’m concerned is the best thing  a garden can have. It’s also a very nice garden to hang out, it […]

Asha’s quick and tasty lunch

‘A typical lunch for me is a doorstop piece of a granary toast; then I get a tin of plain sardines drained and mash them up in a bowl along with lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Spread that on to the toast, then I pile […]

Yam, sweet potato and plantain stew

If you live in Adamsdown then you’ve heard of Clifton street. It’s the heart of the Adamsdown universe, where people shop, get their hair cut and tattoos inked, meet a neighbour for coffee, a nata and co, hire fancy dress, taste Brasilian street food, and […]

Mark’s breakfast for the hungry

Mark, the baker, once used to live in Adamsdown  and work at a workers co-operative on Clifton street called ‘Hungry Planet’. Some Adamsdown residents still recall those days with a bit of nostalgia. ‘Hungry Planet’ was a healthfood store, a cafe and a bakery with […]

Jannet’s fried bread and jam

This is the recipe Jannet remembers from her childhood. She as a child would sit round the table with other kids eagerly waiting while their dad was making them fried bread and jam, a recipe he learned while away in the army. It’s very simple, […]

Zara’s lamb and herb stew

Zara is an Iranian woman whom I’ve met in Oasis- a place in Splott buzzing with workshops, food events and other creative activities. I asked her if she could share a recipe that is special in some way, or has some story. She said she […]

Nuno’s Milho Frito

I’ve met Nuno in a newly opened Portuguese community resource centre on Clifton street where he works. He shared with me one of the classics of Portuguese cuisine – Milho Frito, which is a side-dish usually eaten with tuna steak soup. Milho frito is made […]