Mark’s breakfast for the hungry

Mark, the baker, once used to live in Adamsdown  and work at a workers co-operative on Clifton street called ‘Hungry Planet’. Some Adamsdown residents still recall those days with a bit of nostalgia. ‘Hungry Planet’ was a healthfood store, a cafe and a bakery with its core values being positive social change, ethical and sustainable food.

Sadly,’Hungry Planet’ had to close its doors a few years ago. After the closure Mark still continued baking bread and  grew it into something new, something that provides Cardiff with healthy and tasty sourdough bread. ‘Riverside Sourdough’, an artisan sourdough bread bakery was born and has been running ever since.

Mark shared his daily breakfast recipe which is a selection his favourite ingredients thrown together to create a really nourishing and satisfying breakfast. Perfect if you’re hungry.


6-7  leaves of steamed kale or chard, or other greens

a few slices of feta cheese, cubed

5-6 olives

a handful of sauerkraut, or other fermented vegetables

a slice or two of sourdough (Mark usually has a gluten-free or spelt bread)

1-2 tinned sardines or boiled egged, chopped, if not using sardines

1-2 tbsp of   pumpkin, sunflower, sesame seeds mixture

tamari sauce

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp olive oil


1.Prepare the seed mixture. Toast the seeds in the pan on a low heat for about 6 minutes. Leave to cool. Add tamari or soya sauce.

2.Assemble everything in one plate and enjoy!

This is my take on Mark’s super breakfast


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