The hunter-gatherer Kate and her (slug) omelette

Kate likes exploring the outside world and being in different places. She likes going on a food hunt, whether its skipping through a surplus food from supermarkets (although those days are way behind her), or foraging in parks, orchards or a back garden. She is curious about food textures and creatures that live outside her door, most notably the slugs. She got into them after she was invited to share her harvest with friends at the party. The only thing she could harvest were those slimy creatures, and Kate boldly gave it a go. This is how the ‘Slug omelette’ came about.
She learned that slugs require special preparation, such as starving them and then boiling to help remove toxins and parasites. Since it takes time to prepare and it’s not a slug season yet, Kate served me a nice omelette with mushrooms instead, texture of which is similar to that of a slug.

Adamsdown hasn’t been Kate’s neighbourhood for that long, but it looks like she’s putting roots down Adamsdown ‘community soil’. She and a friend have started a small co-working studio space that will also have a small sourdough bakery, a pottery, a community kitchen and quite possibly a sauna (!).


1. 5 eggs
2. a handful of mushrooms (100-200g) or specially prepared slugs
3. a pinch of salt, and other spices or herbs (e.g. thyme)


1. Slice the mushrooms and fry them in the pan with some oil until brown. Add salt, pepper and thyme.
2. Beat the eggs in a bowl and when mushrooms are ready pour it over.
3. Fry it until cooked , then turn upside (can use a plate) down and cook the other side.
4. Enjoy!

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