My Recipes

A basic sauerkraut recipe

It’s a cold, dim autumn evening in the mid 90’s and at home in our kitchen my mum and dad are forcing a shredded cabbage into a small bucket, until every ounce of juice has been squeezed out. ¬†They then cover it with a small […]

Mango lassi for a hot day

Lately I have been getting back to fermented food. It’s just that it’s very tasty and, some say, quite healthy. Also, I come from a food culture where fermented food is part of the daily diet. Kefir in particular is used quite a lot especially […]

Vegetable broth

  I first came across this vegetable broth recipe 2-3 years ago in Sarah Bearden’s ‘Nutrition in essence’ book. I tried it out, loved the taste and the health benefits it promissed and been making it ever since. Or at least some version of it. […]

Wild garlic pesto manifesto

Wild garlic is out in parks and forests, so if you feel like eating seasonally and being creative with your food go and get some Wild Garlic. You can use it any way you’d use kale or chard, just that it has much stronger garlicky […]