Buckwheat and oat granola with pumpkin puree

This is my special buckwheat and oat granola recipe with some pumpkin puree mixed in as well as some extra spices. It’s a great granola for winter as it contains ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinamonn- spices that have warming qualities and make this granola especially suited for colder weather.


3 cups of jumbo oats

5 tbsp of raw buckwheat

1 tbsp of cinnamon

1tsp ground ginger

1 tsp ground clove

A pinch of nutmeg

A pinch of sea salt

1/3 cup honey

1/2 cup of pumpkin puree

1/4 cup of rapeseed oil

1/2 cup of hazelnut, chopped roughly

1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds


  1. Preheat the oven to 150C.
  2. Add oats, buckwheat, sea salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger to the bowl and mix. 
  3. Measure honey, oil, pumpkin puree and pour it in a cooking pot. Heat it up to make into a uniform mass and mix it into the bowl with oats.
  4. Spread the mixture on a baking tray. If you like your granola chunky, with bits of oats sticking together, press it with a spoon to compact it.
  5. Put it in the oven and bake for 15 minutes. It’s important not to add nuts or seeds at this point as they might burn.
  6. Take it out and add nuts and pumpkin seeds. Don’t mix your granola if you like it chunky. I prefer it non-chunky and so I mix it.
  7. Bake for another 15 minutes. Turn the heat off, and leave granola in the oven. The oats might still not feel as crispy, but it will definitely crisp up as it cools down.
  8. Enjoy 

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