Caldo verde with chickpea stock

This is my take on a traditional Portuguese soup Caldo verde, which translates as a ‘green soup’. As it’s a traditional recipe, it doesn’t require any special ingredients, and is quite simple to make. I used ‘Cavlo nero’ kale which is a type of green cabbage with lots of flavour and nutrition. You can use any greens you have by hand- kale, chard, spinach, spring greens, nettles, wild garlic, etc. The choice of stock is quite important one here. If you make your own I’d recommend trying this chickpea stock with tumeric which gives a soup nice flavour and colour.


1 finely diced onion

2 garlic cloves finely diced

3 cups of chickpea stock ( or veg stock)

3-4 poatoes

a bunch of leafy greens

Peel and roughly chop potatoes. Finely dice onions and garlic. Start by frying the onion in a bit of oil. Add garlic, and fry it for under 1 minute, be careful not to burn. Add stock, and potatoes. Cook it till potatoes are soft. Mash it or blend it with a hand blender. Add finely chopped leafy greens and let it wilt for a couple of minutes. Done!

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