Celeriac and apple mash

We all know what celeriac looks like, but we don’t really know what to do with it. Some say its flavour has hints of celery. It certainly adds substance to dishes. I’d say, unless you really really like celeriac flavour, never make a mash entirely out of celeriac. Why not try adding apples- another autumn staple produce that will bring lovely aromas and flavours to the mash. The mash could do with a bit of a flavour kick, and horseradish is perfect for it, being another root vegetable which is in season at a similar time.

1 Celeriac head

3-4 averag size apples


1 tbsp horseradish cream, or grated raw horseradish root, or mustard if you have neither

Half celeriac head, and then with a knife cut of the skin till there are no rough patches. Cut it in chunks, cover with water, season. You can add some herbs such as thyme or rosemary to cooking water to impart some flavour. Simmer it for around 20 minutes, or until soft. Add peeled and quartered apples for the last 10 minutes. Drain.

Mash it for a chunkier mash or blend it with a blender for a more puree-like mash. Mix in horseradish or mustard. Enjoy!

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