Mango lassi for a hot day

Lately I have been getting back to fermented food. It’s just that it’s very tasty and, some say, quite healthy. Also, I come from a food culture where fermented food is part of the daily diet. Kefir in particular is used quite a lot especially during warmer summer months. My kinfolk and I eat it with boiled potatoes or make cold soup with beetroot called ‘šaltibarščiai’ (which from Lithuanian translates as ‘cold borscht’). It’s a delicious pink soup that I make for everyone who hasn’t tried it yet. I promise to share the recipe soon, but this post is not about that. This is me talking about having milk kefir grains and having incessant supply of kefir at home. If you’re in a similar situation here is a recipe you can try.


1 cup Almond kefir (made with almond milk and milk kefir grains)

very ripe mango (can’t stress that enough, how important it is that mango is ripe, all flavour depends on it)

1 tbsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp ground cardamonn

1 tbsp sweetener- honey, maple syrup or other



Blend everything in a blender and enjoy. Kefir makes it all very refreshing and it truly tastes better on a hot day!

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