The forgotten chervil

A somewhat forgotten herb, that is easy to grow and has a subtle aniseed flavour.

If the conditions are good, chervil will grow beautiful deep green fern-like leaves, similar to those of parsley but finer. It is an annual herb that loves semi-shade conditions during summer and if it gets too much sun, it will go into flowering quickly. However, in colder season it will happily grow in full sun.

Traditionally chervil is used in fines herbes mixture together with parsley, chives and tarragon in an omelette au fines herbs or as a salad dressing. Used in moderate amounts chervil enhances flavours of other herbs.

Chervil is also used in flavouring creamy sauces, soups or mixed in salads. It goes well with eggs in any shape and form, as well as some vegetables such as carrots or baby potatoes.

You can grow it throughout most of the year, and it is one of a few fresh herbs available in winter time. Also, I’ve noticed from my growing experience that chervil has never been attacked by slugs, and from what I read online chervil is supposed to keep them away.

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